Build, Deploy And Monetise An Android App In Minutes. Without A Single Line Of Code!

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Build Deploy and monetise android apps

“If I had to create a startup, I’d create an app. But I’m not intelligent enough to do that…” – Probably someone you know.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote AppyGEN and I have no link whatsoever with the company. I am talking about them because I am genuinely impressed with what they have made.

This is what one of my colleagues recently told me while we had some office banter. The truth is, you don’t even need to know how to code or how an app works in the background to build one.

Othmane and his team built AppyGEN. It is a free tool to build, deploy and monetise android apps in minutes! You only have to come up with some creative way to make an appealing app from one of their templates and you’re set for some easy passive income!

The concept

AppyGEN offers a fully guided game-like experience to help you build your apps step by step.

Once you create an account and login, you are redirected to your dashboard where you can see things like your next challenges and your current “level”.

appygen leveling system

Each time you complete challenges, you level up.

But the real deal is building apps, launch them on the android app store and monetize them through ads.

What you can build

AppyGEN’s apps are divided in two categories, free and premium (the fancy name for paid stuff).

Some examples of what you can build for free are a video app, a wallpaper app or even a photo editor.

app templates

You can then customise it to fit your own style (i.e. Create a penguin themed wallpaper app and upload some cute penguins pictures) and publish it on the app store.

The website has a clear guide on how to publish your app, however this requires that you create a play store publisher account for a one off $25 payment.

Deployment and monetisation

Once your play store publisher account is set, you can publish as many apps as you want!

You can then follow the instructions to link the ad provider to your app in order to monetize it. And there you go! You are officially able to build an android app and make passive income from it!

appygen myapps

Want to make your own apps?

If you are like “nah… this is too mainstream and easy.” then head over to my other course to learn how to code from scratch! And why not make an app of your own!

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