About Creazy Makers.

We at Creazy Makers... No I'm kidding, it's just me, Karim!
Creazy Makers is all about freely sharing real, practical and actionable insights for online businesses.

Create and grow your online business fromscratch, even if you have no prior knowledge whatsoever.
I hope you find everything you need here to bring your projects to life. If you don't, feel free to hit me up through the contact page (I personally reply to every email).

I wish you success and a happy life! (They're both the same thing really)

The guy behind it.



Karim is a guy who doesn't like to talk about himself in the third person. So I'll stop now...

Instead of listing the top 3 adjectives that describe me, or copying and pasting my CV, let me simply share the motivations behind Creazy Makers.
I am addicted to learning. Literally, addicted. Whenever I have a spare 5 minutes I research the origin of a random, famous company name and try to get the meaning behind it. 10 minutes break? Read an article about how to boost SEO organically. 25 minutes train commute? Read a self-help book, highlight it, take notes or listen to a podcast.
However, all this learning is useless without DOING, and whilst I find learning and creating thoroughly enjoyable, it is not my primary goal.
My passion is sharing my knowledge and skills with people to unleash their full potential. I believe there is an immeasurable beauty in seeing someone succeed and be the happiest they've ever been, knowing that you have played a part in their journey to get there.